by James O. Goldsborough

The Paris Herald

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A highly-praised novel about that historic newspaper.

"The world of this book is so completely absorbing and convincing that when you look up, you're amazed to discover you're not in Paris and it isn't 1968. That alone is an achievement and a treat, but for anyone who loves newspapers, this artful novel is a feast. I loved it." - Best-selling novelist Beth Gutcheon.

Famed author Ted Morgan calls it: "a captivating novel, authentic in its depiction of the French at home and Americans abroad."

New Yorker and New York Review of Books writer William Pfaff calls it: "wonderful. I stayed up three successive nights to finish it."

For Charles L. Robertson, author of "The International Herald Tribune," the book: "captures a time that no longer exists. It entertained me and stirred up a lot of memories."

"Greatly enjoyed it. Brings back some good old times in Paris." - Loren Jenkins, senior foreign editor for National Public Radio for 15 years.

"A witty, tender and evocative portrait of Americans in Paris that vividly brings to life the city they loved and made their own." - Ronald Steel, author of the National Book Award winning; "Walter Lippmann and the American Century."

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Misfortunes of Wealth

Misfortunes of Wealth
Misfortunes of Wealth explores one of American society's endlessly fascinating scenarios, the one where inherited wealth and family intersect, not always to the good. Best of all, the story is true. James Goldsborough takes the reader on a journey beginning with Revolutionary War heroes down through succeeding generations of Civil War notables, industrial titans, an improbable love story with an eleven-year courtship, a couple besotted and befuddled by all that is given them, and finally, a son who not only survives but thrives.

The family tree is populated with such historical families as the Shields, the Crittendens, the Olivers, the Nevilles, and the Craigs; military, political, and industrial leaders of their time.

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Rebel Europe

Rebel Europe: Living with a Changing Continent Rebel Europe, published by Macmillan, was acclaimed by Sen. J.W. Fulbright, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, as ?the most perceptive and profound analysis of the reasons why the influence and prestige of the United States have suffered such a decline during the last twenty years.? Flora Lewis, foreign affairs columnist for the New York Times wrote that, ?anyone who wonders why Europe is arguing with the U.S. should read this book.? Reviewed on the front page of the Los Angeles Times Sunday Book Review, Books editor Charles Champlin called it, ?The most important book I have read in years.?.

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